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What is Black Hat SEO and Why it is dangerous

When New Bloggers are reading about what is SEO , then there is a term titled black hat seo in front of what is black hat seo and whether it is right for our website or not! Such questions may arise in your mind. In today’s post we will tell you about this in very simple words.

We all know that there is no way to rank your website and post in google. A lot of seo factor is used for this. Some of these methods are also used by the people. Which are against the rules of the search engine. Which give birth to black hat seo.

Many new bloggers use black hat seo to rank their website and blog in the search engine so that they can increase traffic to their website as quickly as possible. By doing so, he can rank his website in the search engine for some time. But after that they have to suffer its consequences. Because the search engine blocks such a website.

So if you are serious about blogging and want to make your future in blogging, then you never make such a mistake.

We do SEO to increase traffic to our website. If it is done correctly then white hat seo happens otherwise black hat becomes seo. Which can prove to be very bad for our website.

We told about the white hat seo in our previous post and how to use it. Today we are going to give you complete information about black hat seo. And also know how to do black hat seo.

What is black hat Seo

It is a technique of Seo in which in order to ignore the Rules of search engine, such methods are used to get high traffic, which are done only by keeping in mind the search engine Robots. Which is called black hat seo.

Like you will find many such websites on the internet that make thousands of links to your website by taking some money. This link is created by spam and automated website. Who are able to easily identify the search engine’s Boots and Spider. After that your website can be blocked.

We can tell you that the Google search engine keeps changing its alogorithm. Which he can give best results to his user.

Whose biggest example is. Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, after which the much increased website was penalized. Which greatly damages the website’s ranking and value

Therefore, we should always work with keeping the rules of search engine in mind. Because if the search engine changes your alogorithm then it does not cause any damage to your website.

Black hat seo is completely opposite white hat seo. It can be ranked on the website but for a short time! Now we are going to tell you about some such method that is black hat seo.

Black Hat SEO Techniques :

1. Keyword Stuffing

Use the keyword repeatedly without any need in a post that can be ranked in that search engine. By doing this, the user feels bad enough to read the post. Because the same keyword is repeated without any reason.

New blogger usually does this mistake. Because they do not have any information about it, which turns them into white hat seo black hat seo.

2. Unrelated Meta Description

In Meta Description, we have written about our post. Its short description is written. In this short description, repeated keywords and unrelated keywords are used so that they can match the maximum number of search keywords.

3. Doorway and Gateway Post

This is a half-dead post, in which only one kind of keyword is used. Which is called Doorway and Gateway Post.

4. Duplicate Content

New blogger who does not know much about blogging They copy paste anyone’s post. Or to put a single post repeatedly which can get more traffic, but the search engine detects such a post very quickly.

5. Invisible Keyword

The more keywords you have in a post, the more chances of being ranked in the search engine as soon as that post increases. Therefore, using such keywords that are invisible with background colors.

Friends, now you may know what is black hat seo and is done in some way. It is not for us and you people who want to make a career in blogging. So you should follow the guidelines of search engine and work on white hat seo which can be a successful blogger in the future.

We hope this post will be very helpful to you. If you like our post, please share it with your bloggers’ friends.

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